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Remove hidden subconcious blocks that are killing your confidence and hindering your happiness

The Magnetic Formula:

Empowering Ambitious Women to Radiate Confidence and Fulfillment


Unlock Your Inner Radiance: Transform Your Confidence and Attractiveness in Just 90 Days!

Dive into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we unravel the layers holding you back from feeling truly confident and attractive. In 90 days, witness a profound shift in how you carry yourself and magnetize the opportunities you deserve.


From Stuck to Unstoppable: Charting Your Path to Joy and Fulfillment!

Transcend the constraints of uncertainty and dissatisfaction as we craft a personalized roadmap towards a life filled with joy and purpose. Together, we'll navigate through challenges, uncover passions, and ignite the flame within you to live a life that truly fulfills you.


Empowerment Starts Within: Overcome Toxic Patterns and Cultivate Healthy Relationships!

Break free from toxic dynamics and reclaim control over your life as we embark on a transformative journey of self-awareness and growth. Through tailored coaching, discover the power of setting boundaries, fostering healthy connections, and prioritizing your well-being to live authentically and thrive.


Hear From A Few Of Our Clients

(Yes, results will vary!)

Now, with Karen’s coaching, I am more confident in my mind and body, making money and doing what I love!

A few years ago, I heard Karen speak at a women’s conference that I attended. She had all the confidence and poise that I wished I had!

I’ve Stepped Up My Game and Have More Clarity, Confidence and Cash! The first time I met Karen, I wanted to work with her. She has this essence of grace, beauty, and self-confidence. As a coach, she is very intuitive. She senses my internal challenges and quickly guides me back to the center, my value, and my purpose.

With Karen’s guidance, I’ve connected to my power and stay connected, which has given me the strength to make major life decisions and move across the country to restart my business. She lovingly challenges me to step up my game consistently, which has made all the difference in me creating more clarity, confidence, and cash.

-Carey A.

The confidence I rediscovered led me to multiply my income by thousands of dollars, 20k in 10 days, to be exact!

When I started working with Karen, I was afraid. Although I know I am a powerful woman, I had been knocked down by poor relationship choices and had given up on myself in business. I knew I was better than how I was showing up for myself and others.

Karen and I started working together on my vision for my life, and although I still had fears - Would this work? Could I do this? Karen said, "You may be afraid, but I am not." The minute I said "YES!" to me, Karen had my back, and in just a few short weeks - yes, weeks, not months - I was in the relationship I had always dreamed was possible, and I was growing my business beyond what I believed was possible!

At the age of 48, I am finally living my best life, and to think this all happened in less than a year!! Why didn't I do this sooner?? Thank you, Karen!!

-Lisa L.

I decided to work with her to exude the same grace and boldness as Karen. I was a woman who had everything: a loving husband and family, a high-powered career, and a nice lifestyle, but I was miserable. For so long, I denied how unhappy I was.  My unhappiness was impacting my relationship with my husband, the decisions I wanted to make regarding my career, and how I was showing up for my two children.

With Karen’s coaching, I am now very happy from within and have greater confidence in my mind and body. She helped me get clarity, and now I am working at a company that I love using my unique gifts, making more money, and feeling joy in my life! I am happy and confident and have a renewed sense of purpose.

Choosing to work with Karen was the best decision for my life!

-Annie B.

Karen’s Mentorship has transformed my entire life. I had settled in every area of my life – my marriage, career, and creative work. And yet, I seemed to have it all: a wonderful husband, two incredible kids, and a highly prized career as a tenured professor at a research institution. And because I seemed to have it all, I had a tough time owning my unhappiness. Karen gave me permission to do so and taught me to trust my authentic desires and distinguish them from distractions. This has been crucial. In one year, I left my marriage (amicably, lovingly), resigned from my 20-year career as a tenured academic, and claimed a life of creative abundance.

Most excitingly, I started my own business. Not only is Karen gifted as a coach for personal transformation, but in one year, I have made enough money in my company to feel confident leaving my secure academic career to grow my business big-time. Karen is gifted—she will not settle for anything less than your full potential and will tap that part of you that knows how to achieve this.

-Kristin Z.

Karen’s coaching took my business and life to the next level!

Karen has always been an inspiration and a positive energy to me! Coaching with her has changed my self-care and how I show up to get the results I want. And I am happier and healthier and use the daily guide she teaches to propel my life forward! I was stuck in a rut professionally and needed to get my business to the next level.  Karen helped me focus on elevating my presence and etiquette, and her coaching took my business and life to the next level, and I attracted more opportunities into my life!

-Julie B.

If you know you’ve got an exciting life planned, but you seem to have misplaced it, hire Karen Fagan as a guide. She’s reflective, calm, a great listener, and a wellspring of enthusiasm that will help move you toward your best life. Karen offers a blend of insight and action that helps her clients move through confusion and fear, even when facing major changes.

She’ll give you the total attention and empathic listening that helps you hear your own inner voice and the pragmatic advice that helps you follow its instructions. If you’re ready to live the purpose and fulfillment you know are possible for you, let Karen be your wake-up call.

-Martha B.


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